Parenting support when you need it most.

Parenting a child struggling with substance use can feel like a lonely, uphill battle. But you're not alone.

Join us, and together, let's transform your struggle into a journey of hope, recovery, and understanding. And have positive relationships with your child and your spouse.

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What is our Parent Inner Circle?

Parents gain immediate skills to solve the challenges of parenting someone who struggles with substance use or other mental health conditions. Access experienced families and trained coaches who have been where you are now. Connect with new ideas, problem-solving help, and proven approaches to bringing calm to the family and retaking control of your life.

Parent Inner Circle
What to Expect

What to expect

Join other parents who want help changing their relationship with their child. The Parent Success Workshop will connect you to approaches that are three times more effective than attending AI-Anon/Nar-Anon alone. In the workshop, you will gain skills, build confidence, and get unlimited access to hands-on coaching for your highest-priority challenges.

"Working with Gail gave me new skills to ask my loved one to respect my boundaries. I am so happy with her support. It is so much calmer now in my home.

Dottie W.

Parent Inner Circle Member

"I wish Gail's program was available sooner. Had I accessed all the tools, coaching, and community in the Parent Inner Circle sooner, I would have become more effective at navigating the struggles with my son. Grab you chance to work with Gail and her team now!"

Val M.

Parent Inner Circle Member

"Wow! I have been talking to my son all wrong. Since using the CRAFT approach, I feel my son and I are connecting much better and he is trying harder to stop using substances."

Mike H.

Parent Inner Circle Member

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